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The Tower - Palazzo del Diavolo

The Tower

Once in the courtyard of the Villa, on the right, a wide stone staircase leads to La Torre (the Tower), the main floor, built partly inside one of the towers of the ancient medieval walls of Parabita. It is accessed by a cozy terrace through a large door whose frame is decorated in carparo, the characteristic Salento tuff limestone, finely carved and embellished with a devil mask. The spacious rooms, with a vaulted ceiling, are 5.5 meters high (the oldest dates back to the seventeen century). The flat has a large reception-kitchen and dining room with a table that can seat up to 10 people, a comfortable living room, a large double bedroom and three rooms in the loft for five additional beds (two twin and a single), and four spacious bathrooms fully equipped with a shower. There is also access to the quaint pantry barn (manzano, in the local language) and to a courtyard with herbs. Comfortable accommodation for seven people. As in the entire property, the premises are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and independent air-conditioning equipment (cooling and heating). View the floor plan of La Torre