Pia Valota (Milan) late August, 2013

A nice, great, beautiful holiday! I still see the transparency and the shining turquoise color of the waters. For a Milanese accustomed to the seas of Liguria and Tuscany, an exciting surprise! While always curious about the South of Italy I did not know Salento at all, and I was enchanted. All thanks to a group of friends, who have discovered Palazzo del Diavolo and have kindly invited me to join them. I confess that I hesitated a bit before accepting: already advanced in years and used to living alone, I feared not the devil but the limitations of cohabitation … How wonderful to discover instead that the villa is organized in small autonomous residential units, gravitating around a central space central! I was able to enjoy everything from the company of friends to my private time; the Feast of Taranta and traveling together will remain unforgettable!