Kaarina Harmo Krohn (Finland)

One of the good and more unusual qualities of an Italian town for a traveler who loves Italy, but not so much all the other tourists who do so, is that in Parabita you have all of it, its good restaurants, food stores and other sights more or less for yourself. The people treat you warmly, and give you a feeling of being a little bit special. The Palazzo del Diavolo offers similar qualities: it has all the luxury you may find in a good hotel, but here everything is unique, all details handpicked with care and good taste. You can feel at home, cooking your own meals and enjoying them in your room, the patios, the roof even. If your window happens to give to the narrow street, you may, with good luck, see the giant tiger-colored cat bask in the afternoon warmth on the opposite side on the neighbor´s window sill. Our teenagers fell in love with the cat, while the adults also admired the decorative relief under the window. There was plenty of space for the eight of us at the time of our stay, even when one wanted to be alone. The house is quite a palace with a lot of history and atmosphere that has not been lost in the thorough repairs. It has everything you could want of a holiday home. Exciting towns like Gallipoli, Otranto and Lecce and smaller ones closer by naturally offer more to see and enjoy in this fine and less known part of Italy.